Children & Families

Children, Young People and Families

RHCP Ltd offers a counselling service for children and families, our service offers a creative and flexible approach to achieving therapeutic outcomes. Our highly trained therapists can work with children from the ages of 4 years through to young adults and their families. A short series of sessions with a therapist can help children overcome a range of emotional health problems, including family changes, anger management, bullying and life-changes. Our therapists have enhanced CRB Clearance and are fully insured.

  • Stress, depression & anxiety
  • Selective mutism
  • Learning and development problems
  • Anger management
  • Family changes including divorce and separation
  • Adoption issues
  • Loss and Bereavement
  • Aspergers and Autism
  • Coping with ADHD
  • Temper tantrums
  • Special education needs
  • Abuse
  • Sleep problems
  • Bed wetting
  • Phobias, inc school phobia
  • Parenting advice

Adult Families

Our Family Therapy Service is also open to working with adult-only families, and can assist in times of difficulties or conflict. Some of our most intense and fraught relationships are with family members. We are born into families rather than choosing them, so personality clashes can happen. Family Therapy helps to navigate the needs of a diverse group of people and improve the functioning of the family as a whole.

Counselling can help Adult Families with the following:

  • Conflict Management
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Relationship Breakdowns
  • Trust Issues
  • Loss and Bereavement
  • Traumas in the family
  • Family changes
  • Life transitions
  • Reunions of relatives

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