Anger Management

We offer a specialised Anger Management Therapy Service, usually between 6-12 sessions depending on individual needs. We explore when, how and why anger becomes a problem and then introduce management techniques to help prevent negative outcomes.

Anger is a basic human emotion that we all have, however for some people it can be hard to manage and can cause serious problems in life and relationships. For these people anger has often become an automatic response to communicating emotion in relationships. However, 1 person in 5 has ended a relationship because of the way the other person has dealt with anger (Mental Health Foundation), so doing something about it before relationships suffer is vital.

Our approach to Anger Management

We see anger to be an important emotion which gives us the energy we need to take action to put something right. We therefore never work to stop anger, rather we assist our clients to understanding their individual triggers, the difference between anger and rage, and to learn how to communicate and channel the emotion in a way that is beneficial to them rather than destructive.

Our approach is to understand both the client's developmental origins or anger and also the present day problems. By understanding the history of the anger we can learn some of the underlying causes and triggers. However, knowing our triggers doesn't stop us being triggered which is where management techniques are useful.